Swinger club

We arrived in this universe on a Saturday evening. Our Valentine's Day party, we said. We arrive at the club. The bar at the back of the bar, and the house music in the atmosphere. We observe around us. Who's coming to watch us tonight. We visit the premises. I feel like Aliss. This perverse, corrupt, diabolical universe, but at the same time liberating and peaceful. And I observe. Who undresses me with his gaze without having the power to do so? Who am I going to want to see looking at me through the window?

Several espresso martinis, and we go upstairs. Without fear or shame, we enter the room and close the door. Just the two of us, the main actors in this scene. We undress, with passion as we know how to do so well. We tear our hair, our lips and our arms. We devour each other with our deep gazes. I pull your underpants, and you take out your hard penis with your veins ready to explode. And I suck with passion and slowly. I don't look away from you, but I know very well that 3 men stopped to look at us. So, I put your penis further down my throat, and you roll your eyes. You know I do it for show, and you love it. Your lion aggression comes out, and you turn me from behind, rip off my leather pants and shove your even harder penis into my ass. And you slam, you slap, you slam harder and harder. You do it for show too. Without looking at them, you know that many do. And I feel like the center of attention. Your center, and their centers. I adore. All his eyes on my body fucking me so hard. All the people who touch each other looking at me, hoping so hard that one day they can be in your place. This power I have over them. This power of having closed this door and creating this despair of the opposite. Meanwhile, you keep fucking me. With gentleness and assurance at the same time. You arrive at your spade and so do I. We shout, our breath becoming increasingly dry and rapid. And the orgasm. You retire to emit your sperm on my buttocks. I spread it on my ass with my hands, and I continue to tickle my clitoris with your cum on my fingers. Three people watch me be in this trance of enjoyment. You look at me with my legs shaking. You help me by tucking your manly fingers into my vagina stroking my G-spot. And they're still watching us. They would like to be in your place. They would like it to be their fingers and their penises in my hot vagina. But I decide. It's me who decides that they can only watch. With the burning urge for the door to be opened, but I decided that we. This power I have, this power to control someone's desire. This power to give despair to touch me without it ever being possible, that's what excites me.

The evening is over, we go home together. In the taxi, we decide what we order on Uber Eat. We fall asleep, hand in hand. Because at the end of the night, it will always be with you that I want to be.


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