Fleur Sauvage Lingerie- Leather collar

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I can feel you approaching

Waiting to speak to me

Looking at me without ever crossing paths

Once the obvious is established

You make me follow you right there

You see me eager to touch

Knowing you have no such intention

You surround me in the corner of the wall

Taking possession of all my space

Whispering that I'll have to wait

That touching you is not an option

That you want to do everything and leave me wet

You graze my vulva with your fingers

To put my liquid in my mouth

While I suck your finger 


You lick my cheek, taking me by the neck

Politely asking me to get on my knees

You pull a leather necklace from your pocket

Taking the time to install it properly

Lifting my chin towards you

Immediately, feeling your saliva run down my face

I want more of your liquids, please.

I'll stay here on the ground ready for you



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