Histoire de la lingerie : Les époques marquantes II

History of Lingerie: The Notable Eras II

The 50s: the moment of Pin-up style

The Pin-up style arrived in force in the 50s marked by the shape of the “shell” chest, that is to say bras that point straight ahead. We add to this detail fitted wasp waists with very fitted and short corsets to bring out the curves of the hips more. This slimmed-down silhouette is popularized by fashion designers since most women lost weight during the Second World War; it will be enhanced in lingerie and a seductive asset to keep up with the social situation. We obviously associate this silhouette with the icon Marilyn Monroe.


The 1960s: women's bodily liberation

With the arrival of the 60s, the previous silhouette completely disappeared to make way for the popularization of nudity. We are also talking here about the era of the mini-skirt presenting an androgynous and skinny silhouette. It was at this time that the first public scandals of women who began to wear monokini on beaches made headlines. Then, the bra is seen as an oppression to women and a way of constraining them, seeing several feminists demonstrate by throwing theirs away publicly.


The 70s: unisex lingerie and eroticization

In terms of lingerie, the 70s are marked by a unisex silhouette which is very natural, said to be glued to the body. In fact, the prioritized fabrics are very stretchy and more in synthetic fibers like Lycra. This new trend will bring several fantasy lingerie companies into bankruptcy given the depopularization of bras and lace. Nudity is more and more put forward as well as erotic films which will bring an era of very limited lingerie in fabrics!


The 80s: the era of thongs and muscles

Shaping was very popular in the 80s, leading to a particularly muscular and defined silhouette. The fabrics usually used for sports clothing are now used for underwear, there is less talk of fine lingerie in this period. Traces of underwear under clothing are prohibited, which is why the appearance of the thong comes, still widely used today! This era also presents the first lingerie fashion show by Chantal Thomas.


The 90s: lifted chest and slimmed waist

The look of the straight chest and high on the body will be featured in the 90s as well as the slim elongated silhouette that we have long known on the catwalks of the greatest designers, such as the model Kate Moss, icon of this period. The thong is still in vogue, but we are using more thongs and Brazilian panties which are a little more comfortable while retaining the idea of ​​low-cut panties. We can see for the first time that there are several mentalities surrounding lingerie and different fabrics favored according to taste.


The 2000s: accessible and hyper-feminine lingerie

Lingerie is available in several stores at different price ranges making it more accessible to more people than before. Several styles are used, including comfortable, stretchy, fancy and luxurious lingerie, for example. Feminine aesthetics are in the spotlight for pieces for more special occasions associated with seduction and sensuality. We are also starting to observe a diversification of sizes for several silhouettes and varied body morphologies. Then, the first underwear with very visible logos like Calvin Klein became very popular at this time.


Today: Inclusivity and varied lingerie

There are a wide variety of lingerie brands today that offer different types of lingerie and meet needs of all kinds. You can find as much comfortable lingerie on the market as bamboo or stretchy cotton with elastic for adjustment. You can also opt for brands inspired by classic lace sets featuring bras, suspenders, panties and nylon tights. There may also be hybrid brands presenting delicate lingerie in lace, satin, but also very stretchy and comfortable.


Increasingly, the trend is developing for lingerie clothing featuring lace dresses or leotards covering the entire body in transparent mesh, for example. We then see that lingerie is an integral part of the clothing industry and also offers more and more diverse sizes to interested consumers. Lingerie styles are also increasingly adaptable to different sexual identities thanks to gradually growing sexual education in society. With the great growth of social networks this makes it possible to offer visibility on several diverse personalities and to be able to demonstrate interest in lingerie other than the typical woman who has been taken as a muse for years.



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