Cheek on my period

Before wiping on my pillowcase

He retired, bloody

Fixed on her dick, we watched her

We watched her gently slip out of me

Like curious to see if my blood had stained it

I saw my thighs, the color of passion

I saw his member come out

I felt his member come out

I was giving birth


The wet towel in a ball at our feet

That we thought we were responsible for having laid under our bodies

The haste slew our precautions in full flight.

We did a bloodletting between two pushes

Between two clots

between two fingers

Our pubes pressed when we got caught in a vice

The red moisture in our hairs

The red moisture on her cheekbone

Tomorrow will be a washing day

Until then I'll embrace the losses of my passion

We will fall asleep

Cheek on my period

-Andrée Bouffard (her)

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