Les menottes en cuir : introduction dans les relations sexuelles

Leather handcuffs: introduction to sexual relations

“Soft bondage”: leather handcuffs

First of all, leather handcuffs are associated with the consensual sexual practice of “bondage,” that is, the excitement that comes from tying up a person or being tied up. There are several ways to practice “bondage”, including with ropes, chains, corsets, etc. We present in our collection leather handcuffs and harnesses which can be a good way to start and introduce yourself to “bondage”.

In BDSM culture, practices are usually presented on a spectrum to assess their level of intensity, from “soft” to “hard”. For example, for extreme “soft” bondage, leather handcuffs are placed for the wrists and/or ankles. Then, an example of bondage on the extreme “hard” end of the spectrum could be a confinement bag that allows a person to be completely immobilized (e.g. “vacuum bed”). Fleur Sauvage Lingerie is situated in the introduction and “soft” spectrum of BDSM wishing to normalize “kinks” and sexual exploration.



How can handcuffs increase sexual satisfaction?

The organ that gives us the most sensations during sexual stimulation is actually far from the genitals. We are referring here to the brain which has a very big impact on our sexuality and our sexual satisfaction. Going through the state of mind in which we find ourselves in the present moment to our sexual scripts and our fantasies, the brain is important to take into account when we want to seek more sensations and sexual pleasure.

An accessory like handcuffs is therefore interesting since it limits a person's sense of touch and control of movements. When one of our senses is cut off, the brain acts to compensate for this lack and therefore the sensations will be increased in the other 4 senses during sexual intercourse. It is possible to use handcuffs at the wrists and/or ankles for additional restrictions. Being able to use handcuffs allows you to explore submission and promote psychological letting go, also bringing more sensations.

Note that for the first time using handcuffs, you may have difficulty letting go completely if you particularly like to be in control usually. The important thing is to listen to your limits and be able to communicate them well to your partner in the sexual relationship to ensure that consent is respected. It is essential to favor sexual experimentation with a trusted partner to be able to encourage the experience of exploration and see how it feels with the handcuffs. The important thing is to give yourself time to master this new practice at your own pace.



Our recommendations for a good choice of handcuffs

Although we have a preference for leather handcuffs for their texture and aesthetic which can encourage the exploration of “kink”. It remains that choosing fabric handcuffs with Velcro can also be good to start with depending on your preferences.

On the other hand, we do not recommend using plastic or metal handcuffs, although their cost is often low, this type of accessory is not suitable for safe practices. These materials can hurt with the movement of sexual intercourse, so think carefully when shopping for your "kinky" accessories!

We therefore present artificial leather handcuffs which are soft and strong, 3 mm thick with 3 pairs of accessories for varied play. Our handcuffs can be attached to each other as well as to one of our play belts or even a harness made of the same leather.

Have fun! 

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