Les chartes de grandeurs : Comment trouver la bonne taille en lingerie ?

Size charts: How to find the right size in lingerie?

Sizes in lingerie: a real headache

Lingerie is a type of clothing that is complex in that the piece of fabric will follow the body closely without rarely covering it 100%. Certain parts of the body will therefore be exposed, such as the hips, stomach, neckline, thighs, etc. Lingerie can then influence your silhouette depending on the size or model chosen.

For example, a leotard that covers your hips might be tighter, therefore a smaller size, than a leotard that does not cover your hips for the same type of aesthetic effect. It remains up to you to be able to choose the effect you want with the lingerie you like. The goal here is to explain that our lingerie sizes can vary depending on the type of model even with our same silhouette.

Sizes in men's and men's versions

If you are a man or a masculine person, choosing a size of women's lingerie can be a real headache too. By the fact that most pieces of women's lingerie are created from standard women's sizes. We recommend choosing a size larger than your usual purchases in men's or men's fashion for equivalence.

On the other hand, Fleur Sauvage Lingerie believes that fashion does not have an assigned gender since we are talking about pieces of fabric that cover our body according to our preferences and our choice of gender identity which can vary over time.

However, it is important to note that in product development we must choose size standards to produce a clothing collection, in this case lingerie. We must therefore have a choice to make so that our customers can be satisfied with their choice of sizes.

Fleur Sauvage Lingerie therefore decided to take inspiration from industry size standards by making an upward adjustment since the fashion industry tends to present sizes smaller than reality, in our opinion. For example, a standard size S would therefore be an XS at Fleur Sauvage Lingerie. As a quantity M would therefore be an S and so on.

Fleur Sauvage Lingerie customer service: choice of lingerie sizes

At Fleur Sauvage Lingerie we are passionate about lingerie and making your task easier in terms of choosing sizes is a priority to join our mission of offering our products to the greatest possible human diversity.

Do not hesitate to write to us in case of doubt or even sometimes we will take the liberty of writing to you to validate your choice of lingerie sizes. We know our different items and sizes very well which can vary from one fabric to another, so at times we prefer to write to you to discuss them with you.

For example, if one of our models is made large, because the fabric is super stretchy, we will write to you to confirm that you still want to keep the size of lingerie chosen or take a smaller size.

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