Council stimulation

This morning I woke up seeing the directed glow,

My warm body resting on my crumpled white sheets.

Barely found on the side to feel my skin touched,

The lightness of the fabric surrounding me was enough,

To feel my head start to slip away.

Towards a moment focused on my own momentum.

Everything in my head became clear,

It immediately took all my air.

A small smile takes place in the light,

And immediately undressed my body of stone.

Taking my desire as an adversary

I want to make sure I feel all flesh.

My naked body reacts to the temperature without a blanket,

Making my nipples completely hard.

I take this opportunity to play with the architecture of my structure,

Taking time to be able to allow a slow close

Imagining myself firmly in the breasts a few bites.

Wanting to keep my nipple sensations,

While wanting to explore several regions.

I insert my suction toy on my left,

Feeling like a mouth full of urges.

I go down then my hands take my medallion,

Feel my good liquid that I spread between my thighs

To then taste it on the tip of one of my fingers.

I slide my hand and fingers up and down,

Touching every part of my vulva.

To fulfill my desire to divert

Everything that flows between my two orifices.

I want to establish a rhythm by increasing;

The intensity of my still vibrating toy.

I can no longer think and my movements;

Become a way of feeding me.

The pouring liquid makes me anything but still,

I start to stimulate my clitoris in profile;

Between a finger in my quiet anus.

I am wet from one part to another;

As if all my cash was hanging by a thread,

I can't get enough of these rhymes, my mind goes into exile.

I can only speed up the council double stimulation,

Nothing matters anymore; everything seems blurry around

My body shakes and finds itself in peril

Everything is confused and I seem defeated

I'm shaking and my voice moans unrestrainedly.


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