A word from our erotic designer - Fetish Weekend Montreal

First experience at Fetish Weekend in Montreal

In my role as a designer, I am a person who is constantly looking for inspiration and stimulation, both visual and psychological. I want to feel new sensations that are unknown to me so that I can push my artistic journey further in my head and in practice with Fleur Sauvage Lingerie. This is why I wanted to write a few lines about the Montreal Fetish Weekend which took place recently and which was for my part the first time that I participated as an individual proudly dressed in my artificial leather belt and my purse. matching garter from our first erotic lingerie collection.

I was able to quickly sense the powerful and safe energy inside the room before the expected performances. A feeling that I have rarely experienced until now in my journey as a young adult. Just getting there in a fancy taxi dressed in lingerie and leather was quite a mental exercise, constantly reminding myself that I had the right to dress however I wanted and that it's not up to me to take it upon myself. shoulders the looks, the lack of respect or what outsiders can interpret as an erotic dress code. But, inside this room, it was different.

My impressions of the Montreal Fetish Weekend event

In this room at Fetish Weekend Montreal, I saw a variety of humans of all ages dressed in latex outfits, fine lingerie, chain body jewelry, leather harnesses, belts of leather, leather collars, leashes, nipple covers, leather garter belts, long gloves, leather/latex masks, etc. I saw these humans being able to express their identities in a safe environment encouraging the development of everyone. and being able to enjoy erotic arts on stage.

I was able to perceive that everyone, despite their differences, was united by this “safe place” which celebrates sexual identities outside the societal norm and BDSM practices. This moment highlights, celebrates and supports the community resulting from a scene, from the eye of an erotic designer, taken from magnificent and inspiring “underground” haute couture. Thank you to Fetish Weekend for this experience and looking forward to contributing to the community further with Fleur Sauvage Lingerie.

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